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Mohabbat Jaye Bhaar Main

Mohabbat Jaye Bhar Mein is a story that focuses on characters from the middle class area of Karachi who live in the same apartment building. It mainly focuses on two females, Shagufta and Neeli. Neeli is a high school girl who loves to live in a fantasy world. Trying to break out of the struggles of a low income family, Neeli tries to date boys that have money so they can buy her things and take her out to fancy restaurants. Neeli's mother delivers a child every year. Due to many children in a low income family, and lack of attention for each child, none of the siblings get along with each other. Since, Neeli's parents cannot afford to buy them the nicer things in life, Neeli and her sister escape to Shagufta's house to borrow make up, jewelry, and clothes. Shagufta is an attractive woman, admired by many men who want to be romantically involved with her. She is unmarried and although, she does not physically go to work, she makes her income from owning partial shares of a nearby shop. Shagufta has a mother who is mentally insane and a brother affected by Down Syndrome. Shagufta is often misunderstood by her neighbours, who look down on her for being single, having a crazy mother and going out late at night (usually to meet with men). Jealous of Shagufta's good looks, many neighbours, including Neeli's mother think that Shagufta is a whore but deep down inside, Shagufta is a very caring woman and has a heart of gold, going above and beyond to help someone in need. Shagufta falls in love with a cable technician that works in the apartments named Nasser, and she wants to marry him. Nasser is promiscuous and eventually falls for Neeli, whom he sees dancing at a friend's wedding. When Shagufta and Neeli get into a fight, Neeli decideds to hurt Shagufta by starting an affair with Nasser. Other characters in the story such as Neeli's dad, Basharat, and older brother are also madly in love with Shagufta. Mohabbat Jaye Bhar Mein, has many comedic scenes, but it is a far deeper drama, showing the viewers an internal pain and suffering of the many characters.

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